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With traditional chiropractic, it is expected that patients will need to get spinal manipulations as frequently as three times a week for up to six months! After that, it is expected that you will need maintenance “adjustments” every 2-4 weeks for the rest of your life. With Atlas Orthogonal, the goal is to get patients to HOLD their correction and not need repetitious adjustments. Our unique technology offers patients a gentle and precise treatment for Full Spine Correction with minimal adjusting.

In addition to seeking a lasting correction, we strive to provide the very best of care possible to our patients in every aspect and phase of our office. My Passion and Heart’s Desire is to Uncover and treat the REAL CAUSE of your unique and individual health problem! We will work with each individual who comes into our office with the utmost compassion and expertise.
Words cannot fully express the true joy and fulfillment I experience when taking away a patient's pain, and to truly "make a difference" in their health and quality of life. For 38+ years, my mission in life to my "Family of Patients" can best be summed up by this servant's prayer.... "God is First, My Patients are Second, and I am Third".
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The Atlas Orthogonal Technique

A health breakthrough
Utilizing state-of-the-art, percussion and sound wave adjusting, the Atlas Orthogonal procedure offers patients a gentle and precise treatment for the correction of upper cervical subluxations
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Disc Pain Relief

Spinal decompression treatment

  • No Drugs
  • No Surgery
  • No Injections
  • No Pain

Peripheral neuropathy Electro-analgesia & The Matrix Pain relief system

Non-surgical, drug-free treatments that stimulate the nerves connecting the brain and spinal cord to limbs and organs to block your pain and aid in the resetting of nerve receptors.

Avoid surgery with Sandoz
Asking the right Questions could Change Your Life.

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Relieving Pain with Innovative Technology

Atlas Orthogonal System

Atlas Orthogonal System

We specialize in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. There is no twisting or popping of the cervical spine, and the adjustment is made with a percussive impulse (sound wave). Nothing approaches the specificity and gentleness of the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Instrument in Chiropractic care. The spinal adjustment is performed with a percussive impulse, and coordinates for making the correction are based on x-rays of the neck taken at 3-different angles so that a 3-Dimensional approach to spinal correction is taken.
Laser therapy device

Laser Therapy

Non-invasive, and pain-free method of treatment that reduces healing time, and inflammation. Laser therapy helps relieve pain levels and repair tissue damage by accelerating the healing process with increased circulation and enhanced tissue repair. This therapy is used in the management of chronic and acute pain and is used to treat arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck back and joint problems, plantar fasciitis, shoulder problems, TMJ, and headaches.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

There are only two tables that are FDA Cleared. (1) VAX-D and (2) ACCUSPINA from North American Medical. These two machines are the only ones that have “510 K Clearance” Documents from the FDA. So if you, as a patient, are seeking a doctor “who claims” to do non-surgical spinal decompression,” then ask to see their FDA documentation before undergoing treatment!
Robotic muscular therapy photo

Robotic Muscular Therapy

Robotic Muscular Therapy is a revolutionary method of treating injuries, relieving aches and pains, and dramatically improving athletic performance. Unlike other therapy methods that usually focus more on relieving the discomfort associated with a muscular disorder, Meilus Muscular Therapy Method takes an engineering approach by fixing the problem.

MATRIX Electro-Analgesia Pain Relief System

This revolutionary pain management system delivers precise dosages of electrical energy that provides stimulation to peripheral nerves (the nerves that connect the brain and spinal cord to limbs and organs). This treatment blocks pain, and it is a type of "nerve block" with no medication or needles! Therefore it is an "alternative to pain management"!

40 Years of Being Different

2 of 500

We are 2 of only 500 doctors in the country who do “sound wave adjusting” of the upper cervical spine out of 70,000 chiropractors. This turns out to be about .0007% of the chiropractor population.

1 of 15

We are also 1 of only 15 offices in the country who utilize Muscle Robotic Therapy, Spinal Decompression & Class IV K Laser. This allows us the unique ability to combine these valuable resources, modalities and techniques to promote the best treatment plan.
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