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Retired football superstar, television personality, and author, Michael Strahan describes his success many years ago with the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic procedure.


“I've been coming to atlas orthogonal for the last three years since 1998. And for me, with the wear and tear I take every day playing professional football - your head is the tool that you need the most and is often the one that gets beat up the most. So for me to come into this office and to have the work done... it gets me back in shape to go out there so I can continue to play the way I like to play the entire season. In our game, your body is physically your business. And that's why a lot of teammates have come and participated, and they've all had great results. Before I came to atlas orthogonal, headaches, a lot of headaches. Just light headaches, not necessarily migraines or anything like that. Stiffness, neck, my neck was tight, my shoulders were tight. I just felt like I wasn't getting the most out of my body physically. But after I started coming here, now I feel great, I must say. I've gone through the last three seasons feeling the best I've ever felt, especially last year. If I can come in and continue to have these treatments, and they can continue to help me the way they've helped me, maybe I can continue to last for another eight years."

Sportscaster Jay Glazer describes his success with the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic procedure.


"I came out here, took x-rays, and my life was changed in about 2/3 of a second. This atlas orthogonal percussion device that he uses - the entire thing takes 2/3 of one second. And when he does it, you feel all the muscles fall off the bone. My spine, which had been 20 degrees to the right, suddenly was realigned. One minute after he actually used the device on me, we took another x-ray and it was right done the pipe, and it was the first time in twelve years that I was not in pain. I've only come back three times since in the past three months, and I'm still pain free, doing things that I hadn't done. But the best part is that I'm up and around seven days a week now and going back to the normal life that I enjoyed twelve years ago - something I haven't really seen in over a decade."

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Patient Success Stories

Dizzy Episodes
I can’t thank you enough for our Zachary, our ten year old son who was suffering with severe dizzy spells that keep him from living a normal life for the past 4 years! It was so bad; it caused him to miss a lot of school and was stealing any quality of life for a boy at such a young age. Then we leaned about you and your specialty with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic treatment. Knowing you are only 1 of 200 doctors in the country who do this work, we decided to make the trip up to your office from the Jersey Shore area.

Yes, it was quite a sacrifice of time and travel, but we are so grateful we did. Your treatment and care has made such a big change in our son. His dizzy episodes are less frequent and are lasting a shorter amount of time. We appreciate your loving care to our son, and for your commitment TO BE DIFFERENT from most Chiropractors, as your expertise in Atlas Orthogonal and your other “brain therapies” have helped us immensely. You have made such a life changing and positive impact on all of our lives.

Diane Narkiewicz
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
I was suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left wrist and hand, as well as an arthritic condition. I was being treated with medication and found no relief for almost a year. Since undergoing Dr. Sandoz Atlas Orthogonal treatment and therapy, I have been free of pain, and have been able to use my left hand for over a year and a half now.

June B.
Lupus Erythematosus / Shjoren’ Syndrome / Raynaud’s Syndrome
I have suffered from this horrible disease since I was originally diagnosed in 1980. Since this period of time I have suffered from severe back pain as well as severe limitations when I was exposed to cold temperature as well as severe sunlight and heat. I suffered from severer pain and numbness into my upper extremities as well as suffering with severe coldness in my hands due to the Raynaud’s syndrome. For years I tried various forms of drugs to help the pain and rigidity in my muscles due to the lupus but I had to abandon various types of drugs to my severe allergies or side effects to medication. As a result I suffered regularly due to an inability to tolerate medical treatment. I tried various types of chiropractic manual adjustments, but unfortunately due to the lupus effecting the arteries in my neck, I would often suffer from severe vertigo and nausea following manual twisting adjustments to my neck. As a result I had to settle only for having my lower back adjusted for years which still left me in an ill state of health and well-being.

Finally, after seeing Dr. Sandoz and investigating his Atlas Orthogonal adjustment treatment to my neck, this painless treatment which did not utilize the traditional twisting and cracking allowed me the opportunity to be adjusted pain free and having no side effects which was seen with traditional manipulation. As a result of this treatment I no longer suffer with chronic pain as I was always told I was destined to be as a result of chronic lupus and shjoren syndrome. As a result I hold my adjustments for longer periods of time and only get adjusted approximately every couple of months. I am so thankful as in between adjustments I am pain free and able to resume and active life style with my your children as well as running a new business. I am so thankful for this new form of Chiropractic treatment especially since Dr. Sandoz was only one of 300 doctors in the entire country that utilizes this treatment. How fortunate we all are to have him in the South Jersey area. I drive nearly forty-five minutes to get to his office, but the trip is certainly worth it since it has given me back my health. Than you Dr. Sandoz for keeping up to date with the newest of treatments, always seeking to serve you patients in the finest manner.

Thankfully, Cindi P
I am 12 years old, and have had asthma since birth and migraines for almost 3 years. After only 1 atlas Orthogonal treatment by Dr. Sandoz, I have been free of migraine headaches ever since. I have also been off all asthma medication.

Only 1 week after my first adjustment, I saw my neurologist (I had been seeing him for 2 years), and he noticed the improvement in my condition. He even said that I didn’t need to go back to him anymore.

Eddie C.

Going to medical doctors, emergency rooms, and several neurologists for treatments for my severe headaches never stopped the headaches completely. Since April 2015 I started to go to Sandoz Chiropractic Center for my severe headaches. Using the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument I am able to function better in my daily activities headache free! My sinus conditions have greatly improved as well. I am very blessed to have found a center to help give me peace of mind without medication. My severe headaches are gone, thanks to Dr. John Sandoz and his wonderful staff.

Euzella S
Dear Dr. Sandoz,
This letter is way overdue and has been on my mind for some time.

The first time I came to you was October. My mother saw your ad on TV, called and made an appointment and ‘made me come’.

I was in a car accident and have virtually been in pain ever since. I have a herniated disc in the cervical and lumbar spine. This caused constant pain in my neck and shoulders and excruciating pain in the left leg. My neurologist stated that due to the nerve damage, my left leg muscles showed muscular atrophy. I have had two nerve blocks, nerve conductive studies, numerous MRIs, along with a barrage of other testing’s. I also had chiropractic treatments ranging from on one to three times a week. Suffice it to say, nothing helped. The pain always stayed with me, the only difference being, If I did not go it would worsen

The first time I came to you I placed a time limit of one month. The pain was so bad that my life was literally put on hold. I had previously called to Philly surgeries and was ready to do the once unthinkable. The first adjustment was done that same day and I couldn’t believe it! From that day on I started to notice little things. My leg wouldn’t tingle and cramp as much. I would lift my leg into the car without pain. I could walk around the block without pain. When I stood up pain did not shoot down my leg. My neck and shoulder weren’t as stiff. Believe me, I was a skeptic. After the first month 70-80% of the pain was gone. Presently, I would say about 90% of the pain is gone.

I have not been back to you in a t least six weeks and I’m just not doing well – I’m actually exercising. This is the first time in about four years I could exercise without pain.

Thank you so much for giving back my life and for giving me back to my family.

God Bless. Lynne D’ulisse
Please consider this letter and expression of my gratitude for the treatment I have received in your office. As a result of an automobile accident, I sustained severe injury to the lumbar spine, and had undergone three surgeries in a six month period prior to coming to you for help. It was indicated to me that even after these surgeries there remained a significant disc herniation and injury to the sciatic nerve. As you may recall, I literally crawled into your office, suffering with intense pain which required constant medication. At that time, the prognosis was that my condition was permanent, and I expected that I would have to endure such pain for the rest of my life as additional surgery would be extremely risky.

Almost immediately after I began orthogonal treatment and additional therapies in your office however, I experience a significant decrease in pain. As a result there has been a dramatic change in terms of the quality of my life with regards to pain and level of mobility. I no longer require constant pain medication, and am no longer totally dependent on family members. As a single parent this is extremely significant to me.

Once again, I am deeply appreciative of your concern, care, and prayers. My only regret is that I did not seek treatment in your office sooner. Perhaps the repetitive and unsuccessful surgeries could have been avoided. I would encourage others to explore the options more thoroughly before submitting to such drastic and invasive procedures.

Rosemary Pena
In February of 1996, “Jabs” of pain began on the right side of my face. After months of seeing various doctors, I was finally diagnosed with with Atypical Trigeminal Neuraglia (ATN). I tried many medications and treatments, and surgery was not an option for my condition.

As far as medications go, I tried: Tegretol, Dilantin, Klonopin, Pimazod (Orap), NOrtriptyline, as well as many anti-depressant drugs. I tried several alternative treatments: traditional Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Acupuncture. All of these avenues provided some, but very little of relief to my pain, as nothing took it away with any consistency.

I then heard of and eventually learned of the Atlas Orthogonal treatment at a TN Conference in Orlando, Florida. After talking with my support group leader, I finally made an appointment to see Dr. John Sandoz, who is 1 of less than 200 doctors in the United States trained and certified in this unique procedure of treatment.

On my initial visit, I had three x-rays taken of my head and neck:1) side to side 2) front to back and 3) top to bottom. Dr Sandoz then measured the x-rays which determine the settings and coordinates on the “instrument” for the upcoming adjustment. After my first adjustment, which was almost unnoticeable, I was laid on my back to measure the length/evenness of my legs. Dr Sandoz then put out his arm to help me up off the table, and I sat up, MY PAIN WAS GONE! I must say again: when I sat up, my pain was GONE!!!

Since my first atlas adjustment, I have slowly cut down on my medications, taking 60-75% less pain medication to this day. By the time it was OVER A YEAR since I began this treatment and my pain has been almost completely eliminated. I now take only over the counter medication when I have increased pain and that alone has continued to take the pain away totally. I am still effected by changes in the weather with exposure to wind and cold on the side of my face. Now, my bad days are what my “good days used to be”. I was going for adjustments twice a week, then progressed to once every 2 weeks, then monthly and now I go every 5 or 6 week, as I “hold my adjustments better” with this more detailed Chiropractic work.

I am NOT SELLING ANYTHING. I am simply trying to relay the facts about my experience with this treatment. This may not work for everyone, but to be frank, this treatment involves NO DRUGS OR SURGERY, and in my opinion is the biggest “why not!” in TN history. You’ve got nothing to lose “but your pain”.

Bob Moses
I feel my issue/pain with the strained nerve in my head and neck has been reduced tremendously along with the improvement of the range of motion… The feeling of the problem recurring has dissipated giving me a sense of freedom with my everyday activities. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with my family and the outdoor activities I enjoy. It’s been over 2 years since I had the urge to ski and play some baseball. Then throw in a 3 year old and another one on the way for the icing on the cake. I’m well on my way back to health thanks to you and your staff. Ward Lange
They have been able to address the pain, i.e. back neck, shoulder, and get me pain free on the visits. In the past, I would go to my primary doctor who would treat me with muscle relaxers, pain killers, and bed rest. Now, it is a matter of getting adjusted on the visit, and I can continue my daily functions. There is no value you can place on quality of life without the severe pain. Angel Soto
I have suffered for many years with constant neck and shoulder pain due to injury. As a direct result of the care I have receive fro Sandoz Chiropractic, I have progressed from the point when many simple tasks, such as turning to back out of a parking space, caused tremendous pain – to being pain—free. Not only has the pain been eliminated, my mobility has also increased dramatically. I am grateful for my quality of life being restored. Andrea Riley
I’ve had wonderful results as this practice uses the latest techniques in attacking any of the problems. My neck, shoulders and lower back have all improved with my appointments, even though I’ve missed some.If you have a problem, the front desk does everything they can to get you in to see the doctor. If you follow the program and do your share , you’ll have amazing results. Sally Grossman
Ten years or so ago, I went to Dr. Sandoz as a last resort before having two surgical procedures. I had been diagnosed a partially torn rotator cuff and two bulged vertebrate in my neck. I was, to say the least, in a great deal of pain. I was skeptical that Dr. Sandoz could help me, however, I was beyond reluctant about having two surgeries. I decided to try an alternative procedure. Dr. Sandoz applied his Orthogonal treatment after a thorough review of my situation. I went into his office in a great deal of pain and I left with an astoundingly lower level of distress. Dr. Sandoz said that if after ten treatments we did not make progress, he would recommend the surgery. After five treatments I was about 90% improved and in very little pain.

I have been going to Dr. Sandoz and his son,Josh, now in practice with his father ever since. His able staff led by the very capable Jill, also made me feel confident about maintaining the physical gains that I have made. I am seventy—one years old and I have survived a serious back injury and subsequent back surgery in 1996. I cannot be manually manipulated by a Chiropractor. The Sandoz approach to Chriopractic adjustment is state of the art The Sandoz’s are knowledgeable, caring, and above all effective They have made it possible for me to live a life relatively free of pain. I would recommend this practice to anyone in need of an alternative to surgery. This approach to treatment is holistic in the total sense of the word. Al Rossi
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