What is Advanced Orthogonal?

At Sandoz Chiropractic, people often ask us what Advanced Orthogonal is.  Advanced Orthogonal is a state-of-the-art method of applying percussion and sound wave adjustments to cervical subluxations.  This gentle procedure is described by patients as a painless and comfortable way to receive treatment.

Advanced Orthogonal is a procedure which has been developed into a precise, reliable treatment through medical study and modern technology.  Spinal corrections have been used to treat pain and restore the body’s ability to heal from the dawn of civilization.  Advanced Orthogonal brings the advances of modern medicine to ensure precision and reduce human error in treatment.

But what does it mean to treat cervical subluxations?  In short, the procedure is a painless method used to make spinal corrections and restore the body’s ability to heal itself.  To learn more, visit our webpage which describes in greater detail how Advanced Orthogonal treats cervical subluxations.