Date:December 17, 2013

Dr. John E. Sandoz

I know we all have to “work for a living” to support and care for our families. But I wish I could help you understand the “true joy and fulfillment” taking away a person’s pain truly has provided me everyday for the last 30+ years. To truly “make a difference and change my patients lives” My “MISSION IN LIFE” to my family of patients can be best summed up in 3 SIMPLE WORDS… “ I AM THIRD”. God is first, others are second and I am third. I think the greatest compliment I have ever received or heard, came from my son, who is now Dr. Joshua Sandoz, D.C., when he was being interviewed by the chiropractic college admission board, “Why do you want to pursue a career in Chiropractic?” My son answered at that time by responding, “my father has been in practice for over 30 years, and he is still passionate and loves going to work every day”. Tears flooded my eyes when I heard that and what a joy beyond words to have that young man as my colleague and as “MY TREATING DOCTOR” for the remainder of my professional and personal life. I am truly blessed to know and experience the love and devotion of my family… my wife, children and grandchildren, parents, brothers and sister and of course, my “EXTENDED FAMILY”, the thousands of patients who have put their trust and confidence in me. I Sincerely Hope To Have The Great Opportunity Of Helping You, Dr. John Sandoz, D.C.